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Upcoming Events

  • Live Rain Barrel Demo at the Sonoma County Fair

    July 24, 2015  11:00am   August 9, 2015  10:00pm
    Sonoma County Fairground, Garden Building

    Visit the Greentivities station at the Sonoma County Fair to see a live demo of a 3-barrel BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ along with many other innovative displays of sustainability. Read More...

  • Hands-On Installation Workshop, Santa Rosa

    October 24, 2015  10:00am - 4:00pm   
    Larkfield-Wikiup Residence

    BlueBarrel’s Hands-On Rainwater Workshops engage community members in building a BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ at a real-life installation site. Participants learn the principles and practices of rainwater harvesting and gain hands-on experience in outdoor plumbing assembly, ventilation and filtration practices, downspout tie-in and overflow. Read More...

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BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment Systems supplies quality rainwater collection products.

Learn more about the benefits of rainwater harvesting and rain water collection on our website.

The practice of rainwater harvesting is growing in popularity for many reasons. Among other things, it allows families to live more sustainably and be prepared for emergencies. If your family has rain water stored for emergency situations, you won’t have to panic if you are faced with a crisis. At BlueBarrel, we are committed to providing user-friendly DIY kits for building multi barrel rain water collection systems using recycled food-grade barrels. We believe in making rain water harvesting accessible to our customers by providing the tools, materials, and know-how to build quality multi-barrel rain collection systems, all at an affordable price. We feel that rain water collection is important to ensuring that our society has quality future and we hope that you will visit our website or contact us soon to learn more about the full line of merchandise that we have available.