Our Team


Jesse Savou with Ilai

Jesse Savou


Jesse graduated from Stanford and earned her master’s in Ecological Design at the Conway School in Massachusetts. After building her first rainwater collection system as a post-grad school AmeriCorps project, Jesse launched BlueBarrel in 2012 and earned her professional accreditation from ARCSA (the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association). Also a certified Permaculture Designer, graduate of the Ecosa Institute’s intensive course in Sustainable Design, and Fellow of Sonoma County’s Leadership Institute for Ecology & the Economy, Jesse understands rainwater harvesting as one of many measures to bring our households into balance with the earth’s capacity to thrive. Jesse and her husband welcomed a son in 2014 and balance work and play at their farmstead outside Santa Rosa, CA.


Beth Auerbach

Beth Auerbach

Customer Service

Hailing from Bellingham, WA, Beth’s experience living and designing in many regions enables her to relate to the diverse needs of BlueBarrel customers all over the map. From New England to the southwestern desert; from Florida to the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, the Rockies, and finally to her current home in Washington State; there isn’t a climate zone Beth doesn’t understand! Beth holds a Bachelor’s degree from Prescott College in Conservation Biology and Environmental Education and a Master’s in Ecological Design from the Conway School. In addition to providing excellent customer service to BlueBarrel customers, Beth is the founding owner of SHED – Sound Habitats Ecological Design, specializing in sustainable landscape design, garden maintenance, and ecological restoration: www.soundhabitats.com.


Clyde Froehlich, Customer Service

Clyde Froehlich

Barrel Supply

Clyde retired in 2012 from a long career in facilities management with the University of California at Davis, where he specialized in sustainability and maintainability with a keen interest in water conservation. As luck would have it, his retirement roughly coincided with BlueBarrel’s launch. Starting as an unofficial adviser, as the business expanded, Clyde’s role grew. He officially joined the team in 2015 to handle customer service, and since has become the guru of barrel sleuthing, keeping up our nationwide network of participating barrel suppliers.  Clyde is an avid college basketball fan. If there is one thing he knows more about than water conservation (and how to find barrels in obscure places!), it’s basketball trivia.


Danielle Rickards, Warehouse

Danielle Rickards


Dani has been working with BlueBarrel since 2014 managing inventory and fulfilling orders for our customers. Dani is the face behind BlueBarrel’s custom-packed RainKits™ and impossibly quick shipping turnarounds! In her spare time Dani can be found playing softball, shooting pool, and spending quality time with her family.

Learn more about Dani and her warehouse and fulfillment services at NorthBayShipping.com.


Saad Siddiqui

Saad Siddiqui


Saad is one of Team BlueBarrel’s original contributors, joining the team in 2013 to build the BlueBarrelSystems.com website. He is a UI development speedster and loves new technologies in front-end development. With over 15 years’ experience in web/app design and development, Saad creates innovative online tools for organizations of all sizes. When he’s not glued to his computer screen, Saad enjoys cooking, with favorites of Mexican, Chinese and subcontinent cuisines. Connect with Saad and see examples of his work at smaztech.com.


Bob Spies


Bob joined Team BlueBarrel in 2015 to lend his expertise in web development, website security, and project management.  With many years’ experience in web and software development, Bob builds and supports websites for organizations big and small. In his spare time, Bob enjoys running, singing with a Latin American chorus, and volunteering with the Center For Citizen Initiatives. (Guess who built their website? 🙂 )

Connect with Bob and see more examples of his work at FlyingSealSystems.com.




The Advisory Team

We are ever-thankful to our strong team of committed advisers who met regularly to support the launch of BlueBarrel and our products. From A-to-Z:

Erin Axelrod

Erin is a true fixture in the local permaculture world and a strong advocate for organizations and businesses that represent the new regenerative economy. A problem solver and systems thinker, Erin first met BlueBarrel during her many years with Daily Acts, and continues with her amazing contributions to a regenerative economy through her work with LIFT Business Design.

Robert Landman

Robert is a former general contractor and co-conspirator toward a world in which all people align with their true heart-felt paths. A strong and kind supporter of BlueBarrel from its infancy, Robert attended one of our very first workshops and quickly became a BlueBarreler himself, hosting the filming of our How-To Video Series and more!

Christopher Reamer

Chris is a landscape contractor who first lent his skills to BlueBarrel by building rock solid foundations for our full-service install clients. Reminding us that our power to sculpt our landscapes should be wielded wisely, Chris has lent technical expertise and creativity to BlueBarrel along the way. In addition to being a stellar ecological designer through his own permaculture design/build business, Chris is also a greywater specialist. What better irrigation combination exists than rainwater and greywater?!

Margaret Spaulding

With over 60,000 gallons of rainwater storage capacity at her own home, Margaret is a retired marketing consultant, business owner, and author well known in the community for her contributions to all things sustainable. In addition to advising BlueBarrel, she sits on the boards for the Sonoma Land Trust, Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, and now also the Sonoma Clean Power initiative. We can all thank Margaret for being a tremendous part of many good things in our region.

Sylvia WynnLindeman

As the founding organizational development consultant behind Practical Management Network (Leadership & Organizational Development), Sylvia is personally responsible for some of BlueBarrel’s first and most valuable business relationships. A key adviser along the way, Sylvia is a true advocate for the building blocks underneath good organizations doing good things.


Other credits are due to many folks who, through life’s twists and turns, lent a helping hand to BlueBarrel in the early days. John ThorburnHenry Wallace, and Jenna Brager, Jesse’s original project partners and supervisors for the Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden project; Carissa Green and Lily Walter (the original ToolGrrlz); Sarah Farrell and Jeanna Ruppel who stuck their necks out to become two of BlueBarrel’s very first clients and workshop hosts; and Keith Evans, our very first participating barrel supplier who rolled with the punches and set the standard for many more. Thanks to Mike Davis, UC Davis plant pathologist who lends his expertise to our important determinations over the safety of used barrels; and to Peggy Froehlich for meticulous proof-reading. Many thanks, too, to Bern Lefson and Lynn Reiter who volunteer their time and vast experience as business mentors with SCORE.

We must recognize the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy and the Conservation Corps North Bay—and while neither identifies as a business incubation organization, both were key players behind the inception of BlueBarrel.

Big BlueBarrel Blessings to all of you, and all others who have supported and continue to support BlueBarrel in big ways and small!