The BlueBarrel System™

RainKit™ + Recycled Barrels = BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™

And you can get it all from us, right here on this website!

The BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ is made from repurposed 55-gallon barrels, daisy-chained together for a streamlined look, maximum efficiency of flow, and no limit to the amount of storage capacity you can install.

Our integrated design is thought-through from top to bottom—we've done all the trouble-shooting for you! We facilitate a local exchange for repurposed barrels, and we'll ship the rest of the materials to your door in our customizable DIY (Do-It-Yourself) RainKit™.

Many DIY-ers have the experience of researching, shopping and then installing, and then the water shows them what they did wrong the first time it rains. At BlueBarrel, we believe everyone should be harvesting rainwater and we have spent years tinkering so you don't have to. There is no guesswork for our customers—just a system that works. Let BlueBarrel be your source for a successful first-time experience!


The BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System

Why BlueBarrel? Its all figured out, from top to bottom!

From our experience, everyone makes the same mistakes the first time, and this is probably a project you only want to do once. Luckily, we've worked out all the kinks We offer an optimized multi-barrel system design. In fact it's the most affordable professionally-designed system on the market!  With BlueBarrel as your resource, you will build a rainwater catchment system that is:

  • Totally modular, flexible, and portable (when empty)
  • Visually streamlined for a clean, uniform look
  • Made from repurposed barrels—an intercepted waste stream
  • Plumbed underneath so that you can drain every inch of capacity—no pesky water festering in the bottom of your barrels at the end of the season!
  • Designed to equalize, so all barrels maintain the same water level and function as one larger tank
  • Meets all applicable code standards (in most jurisdictions you do not need a permit to build a BlueBarrel System if installed per our instructions)

Our system design is already figured out from top to bottom so you can count on a successful first-time experience!


What makes the BlueBarrel System™ better than the rest?

A few major reasons, and a whole bunch of minor ones. We'll hit the big stuff first:


It's modular & customizable (which also means flexible, add-on-able, and take-apart-and-put-back-together-able)

If you've ever considered a rain barrel, the BlueBarrel System™ allows you to multiply your storage capacity many times over, and for a fraction of the price-per-gallon.

A BlueBarrel System can be as small as 2 barrels (110 gallons), and there's literally no upper limit. The largest single system built by one of our customers is 42 barrels—just under 2,500 gallons! (Click here for photos of BlueBarrel Systems big and small.)

Build all at once, or little by little. Choice in size and various optional accessories allows you to customize a system to meet your unique needs.


Its plumbed along the bottom

So what's the big deal, you might ask? The BlueBarrel System™ is the only rainwater harvesting option on the market that plumbs storage vessels from underneath. This may sound like a minor detail but it offers a number of significant advantages:

  • All barrels fill and empty at the same time (rather one overflowing into the next). This means that your entire system only needs one downspout connection and one spigot. No need to move hoses or keep track of which barrels are full and empty!
  • You can drain every last gallon through the primary outlets. That's right, no wasted water left in the bottom of the barrels—and no nasty sludge layer, either!
  • Because there are no sediments collecting at the bottom of the barrels, turbidity is extremely low and the water runs cleaner than in most rain barrels.
  • Plumbing is hidden for a streamlined look. Forget about the jury-rigged aesthetic of most DIY rainwater catchment systems—the BlueBarrel System looks slick!
  • Plumbing is protected from the sun and physical impacts for a longer life-span.
  • The simple foundation that accommodates the under-plumbing adds just enough elevation to enable gravity-fed drip irrigation even on flat sites. (You can include a drip irrigation set-up and/or low-pressure soaker hose with your DIY RainKit if you so desire!)


It's made from recycled barrels

Today's Planet Earth can't afford to waste water... or plastic, for that matter! The BlueBarrel System is designed specifically to upcycle the ubiquitous 55-gallon food-grade (HDPE) plastic barrel. You've seen these things all over the globe—they are the standard approved vessel for safe and secure shipment of food-grade liquids worldwide.

If you have barrels already, our DIY RainKit includes everything you need to turn them into a BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System. And if you don't have barrels, you can order them along with your RainKit in our Online Store. We source barrels locally to each customer!


Our price per gallon can't be beat

Not all rainwater catchment systems are created equal, and evaluating options can be daunting. Want to get the best value possible for your rain collection system? The best way to compare costs between rainwater catchment systems is to look at the price per gallon of water storage capacity.

Our dynamic pricing structure allows you to see your price per gallon adjusting as you customize the features of your DIY RainKit in our Online Store. And we think you'll be impressed!

How are we able to offer such a high quality rainwater harvesting product at such a low price?

It's quite simple, actually: waste is expensive (in more ways that one), and we've focused our efforts on eliminating as much waste as possible. The customizable nature of our DIY RainKit means you don't pay for tools or drillbits you already have. And most of all, by facilitating  local pickup for high-quality recycled food-grade barrels, we've cut out the tremendous expense of manufacturing, storing, and shipping bulky goods.


And more!

The list of benefits goes on and on. We covered the big stuff, but you'll notice a handful of other benefits as well:

  • Our downspout diverter is easy to install, has an optimized inlet size, and handles overflow automatically when the barrels are full - no on/off switch, and no mess!
  • Isolation valves allow you to hold water in some barrels while draining others. This allows you to add on to your system without draining all your stored water. You can reserve some water for emergency purposes while using the rest to irrigate your garden.
  • Our full-color illustrated instructions provide a friendly walk-through of the installation process. DIY RainKit purchase also includes FREE limited access to our online How-To Video Series.
  • Our expert customer service team is ready to help you. You can always contact us for help!

Check out our customer testimonials and photo gallery for lots of inspiration and examples of what our customers have done at their own homes!

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