Barrel Compatibility Checklist

BlueBarrel is your one-stop-shop for locally-sourced recycled barrels (available at 75+ locations throughout the USA!), and custom-packed kits for building your own multi-barrel rainwater catchment system. Here we provide a complete barrel compatibility checklist for those who are sourcing their own barrels. 

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The BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ is made from repurposed 55-gallon barrels. Our unique, underplumbed design is one-of-a-kind and has many advantages!

To build a BlueBarrel System, you will need a DIY RainKit™ (available in our Online Store), and compatible barrels. Most customers order barrels through our website along with their RainKit(s) for guaranteed compatibility.

But some folks have barrels already, or live too far away from our participating barrel supplier locations. If you are sourcing your own barrels, let's make sure you have compatible ones!

Barrel Information:

This information ensures compatibility with BlueBarrel's DIY RainKits.

Barrels are 55-gallon, tight-head, HDPE poly-drums.

55 gallon food grade barrel
Compatible barrels look like this.
Check the bung threads closely.
Check the bung threads closely.

Barrel Compatibility Checklist:

Compatible barrels look like the above, and meet all of the following compatibility requirements:

BlueBarrel Barrel Compatibility Checklist

Sourcing Barrels through BlueBarrel:

We have barrels available for local pickup at 75+ locations throughout the USA!

To order a complete BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System, including compatible barrels, simply enter our Online Store and select BlueBarrel RainKit™ with Barrels. You can customize your RainKit(s) for any number of barrels, and enter your zip code to select your preferred barrel pickup location.

Upon checkout, you'll get a voucher to claim your barrels from your local pickup spot. We'll ship your custom-packed RainKit(s) to your doorstep along with any additional tools, accessories, and irrigation equipment that you order.

Sound good? Get started now!

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BlueBarrel is your one-stop-shop for used barrels, DIY rain barrel systems, and gravity-fed irrigation.

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