The Many Benefits of Houseplants – and How to Keep Them Healthy

benefits of houseplants

Benefits of Houseplants

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Sprucing up homes with potted plants and vases is a way to keep the space vibrant year-round, even when it’s too hot or cold to be out in the garden. And the benefits of houseplants are many. 

Rainwater is ideal for any plant, but potted plants and cut flowers benefit especially from this superior water source because they are so sensitive to accumulated salts, minerals, and chemicals found in other water sources. If you haven’t quite found your “green thumb” yet, try rainwater in your houseplants. It just might be all you need to keep plants happy and healthy.

Plant selection is also important. To help out, we’ve created a simple guide on the best plants for a happy and healthy home.


Houseplants can enhance your mood.

The benefits of plants for household use go far beyond décor. You can make your personal space even more meaningful by incorporating plants into your personal environment. Not only do plants bring natural beauty to the room but plants can make you feel both happier and healthier.

For centuries people have relied upon plants for their natural ability to heal. This includes healing both your physical and mental well-being. For instance, plants have been used in both ancient and modern medicines to cure ailments ranging from the common cold to more serious health concerns like digestive or sleeping problems.

When it comes to your psychological well-being, plants (especially beautiful and colorful flowers) have been known to instantly put a smile on people’s faces. Science has shown that admiring plants can help to promote relaxation, reduce stress hormones and put you in a much better mood. In short, your environment at home can do a lot for your mental wellbeing. Plants are one of nature’s best kept secrets when it comes to feelings of inner peace and calm.

What’s more is that plants can have a positive impact on the indoor air quality of your home. Plants help to purify the air by releasing more oxygen. Many indoor house plants also remove harmful toxins from the air including mold. Plants also increase the humidity levels of the home which can benefit not only breathing but also help to lessen the instances of colds as well as leave your skin looking and feeling healthier in appearance.

And the benefits of houseplants go on: Let’s not forget that many plants are edible. Use plants for cooking nutritious meals; edible greenery is a great way to include organic foods in your diet, and tea is a great healthy way to quench in summer and warm in winter. Indoor plants also produce natural oils, providing a natural way to further moisturize your skin. So, consider planting a garden indoors for the benefit of the entire family.

Plants come in many shapes, sizes and varieties, so choose the best fit for your lifestyle, physical and emotional needs. Plants will bring new life into your home and they will support your happiness and good health. Consider any of the plants in the diagram to reap the many healing benefits they entail, for a happier and healthier home today. 


Article submitted by guest blogger, Sarah Smith at Kremp Florist.


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