BlueBarrel in Schools

School’s out for Summer…

But that’s no reason to wait on your rainwater harvesting project—at home or at school!

In fact if you wait for the autumn rains to start thinking about it, you’ll miss out on the season’s first catch. And if you’re looking to design a school program with us, you may just find yourself in line. Summer is the perfect time to plan!

Gather a group of dedicated parents for a project over the summer, or design a program for the students themselves (suitable for 6th grade and older, with close adult supervision)!

Our DIY RainKits make it easy to self-install, and we proudly offer discounts on our entire product especially for schools. Just contact us with your school district email address and we’ll give you a discount code.

7th and 8th graders at Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts “hug a barrel” after installing their 14-barrel (800 gallon!) rainwater catchment system with BlueBarrel.

As if the intrinsic rewards weren’t enough, these students won a Water Awareness Award from the City of Santa Rosa, and earned $200 in rebates for their school through the City’s rainwater harvesting rebate program! More info about this school project here!