Free Rain Barrel Maintenance Webinar

Do you know how to properly maintain your rain barrels to make the most of them?

BlueBarrel's founder, Jesse Savou, teamed up with the LA Stormwater Program to present a webinar covering everything you need to know about rain barrel maintenance.

Join us from the comfort of your home and press play to learn something new, and have some fun!

About this Webinar: Rain Barrel Maintenance

Whether you’ve only recently installed a rain barrel, are just thinking about it, or are a rainwater harvesting expert, join us to learn how to properly maintain your rain barrels so you can continue to save water, money and the environment!

This webinar is presented by rain capture system design expert Jesse Savou. Jesse graduated from Stanford and earned her master’s in Ecological Design at the Conway School. After building her first rain catchment system as an AmeriCorps project, Jesse launched BlueBarrel in 2012. Jesse earned her professional accreditation from ARCSA, and has kept current as an ASSE 21110/21120-certified Rainwater Catchment System Designer & Installer. With her immense knowledge of rainwater harvesting, she will take you through everything you need to know about proper rain barrel maintenance and answer any questions you may have!


Webinar Outline:

10:30 am - Introduction

10:40 am - Presentation by Jesse Savou, BlueBarrel

11:25 am - Live Q&A Session

11:45 pm - End


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