Use a Pump to Keep your Rain Barrels Full Year-Round!

We hear it from our customers every day:

"I was amazed by how quickly my barrels filled up, and now I need to find room for more!"

It's true, with over 600 gallons of high quality rain water available for every single inch of rain that falls on a 1,000 square-foot roof surface, those who harvest rainwater quickly discover that rain is truly abundant, even in drought-prone areas. If you've never done it before, use a rainwater calculator to see just how much water is available from your own roof in an average year.

This is one of the reasons our Add-On Kits are so popular. Once people get going with their basic BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™, our customers have the easy option to expand it by adding more barrels, or even start over with a new system under a different downspout.

But what if you're maxed out and you just don't have room for more barrels near your downspouts? Or what if you simply want to store some water in a more convenient location (e.g. closer to your garden, rather than right next to the house)?

Check out these two videos for a simple solution. The first video demonstrates the idea of building a non-roof-tied BlueBarrel System in a more convenient location (call us to special order your kit without a downspout diverter); and the second video shows how to pump water from one system to another to free up capacity in the barrels that fill fastest, and keep your barrels full year-round.

Click here for pumps that are compatible with the BlueBarrel System.


Overflow BlueBarrel System

This video demonstrates the concept of a non-roof-tied BlueBarrel System™ to hold your overflow.

How to Pump for Full Barrels

In this video you will learn how to pump water from one BlueBarrel System™ to another.







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