Shop LOCAL with BlueBarrel, Wherever You Are!

If you’re hip to water conservation and gardening with rainwater, you might also know that supporting local businesses is a key part of the sustainability puzzle. When we shop local, we not only keep our dollars in the community, but we also minimize the carbon footprint associated with the purchase by reducing the miles our goods have traveled.

What does this have to do with rain barrels? In our case, a lot! BlueBarrel works with food manufacturers all over the USA to “upcycle” used food-grade barrels LOCALLY in each community that we serve.

Our online shopping cart matches you with your nearest source of safe and compatible recycled food-grade barrels for upcycling into snazzy rainwater catchment systems!

The added benefit of sourcing barrels locally is that it eliminates the high cost (and of course the carbon footprint) of shipping these bulky goods. That’s how we’re able to offer such a great professionally designed catchment system at such a low cost.

We appreciate the efforts of our own local GoLocal Cooperative, for incubating local economies. They’ve recognized us as well with an EcoLocal highlight. Thanks guys! Keep it real, keep it local.