Podcast Features: BlueBarrel’s 10-Year Journey

BlueBarrel was featured in two sustainability podcasts in late 2022, highlighting interviews with our founder, Jesse Savou, as she reflects on the 10-year journey that began with BlueBarrel's unlikely inception in 2012.

Join hosts Izumi Tanaka of Home Green Homes and Neal Collins of The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast to learn about Jesse's journey to launch BlueBarrel, the values behind our business, and how our offerings have evolved to what's available to customers all over the USA through our website today.

Regenerative Real Estate Podcast Graphic

Neal Collins' Regenerative Real Estate Podcast features architects, developers, land stewards, farmers, philosophers, and community organizers who are pushing culture toward a more resilient future.

Run time 1 hr 10 min.

HomeGreenHomes Podcast Image

Izumi Tanaka's Home Green Homes Podcast invites a variety of experts in the world of green homes to have conversations about how we can all live in healthy, resilient and efficient homes. 

Run time 36 min.


BlueBarrel is your one-stop-shop for DIY rainwater catchment systems made from recycled barrels + gravity-fed irrigation. We’re tried and true, and we’re here for you!

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