The DIY Files: SoCal’s most Water Conscious Resident (and Potable Rainwater!)


Rob Greenfield and BlueBarrel

Rob Greenfield: SoCal's most water conscious resident?

Meet BlueBarrel customer Rob Greenfield: tiny-house homesteader and water-conservationist extraordinaire.

Rob lives in sunny San Diego, California, where "normal" years boast 12" of rain on average. Of course in the face of California's worst drought in recorded history, recent years have seen much less rainfall than average.

But Rob lives in abundance, employing a handful of techniques to allow him to live on just 5 gallons of water per day. And where does that water come from? From the roof (his neighbor's roof, mind you!), collected into his BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™.

In his short video, Rob even explains how he treats his rainwater so that he can drink it! Potable rainwater is something many people ask about. In our FAQ's we emphasize that untreated rainwater is strictly non-potable (although perfect for garden irrigation and other non-potable uses). Pay attention to Rob's techniques for treating rainwater! A valuable emergency preparedness tool for many, for Rob its a way of life.

Click here for a variety of reliable drinking water treatment options.


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