Commercial Barrel Recycling Program

BlueBarrel will buy your used barrels!

To be considered as one of BlueBarrel’s participating barrel suppliers, please fill out our Online Barrel Supplier Intake Form.

This page contains information for companies, organizations, and individuals who amass 55-gallon food-grade poly drums as part of their waste stream, or as used barrel dealers.

BlueBarrel offers a sustainable alternative for upcycling this waste stream into multi-barrel rainwater catchment systems all over the globe. See below for details about how our Barrel Exchange Program works, and how to enroll as an approved barrel supplier for a FREE listing on our website.

Blue Plastic Barrels

The ubiquitous 55-gallon blue food-grade poly drum

How BlueBarrel’s Barrel Exchange Program works:

BlueBarrel facilitates a local exchange for barrels, and ships the rest of the rainwater harvesting equipment (in our DIY RainKit™) to our customers’ doorsteps.

Customers purchase RainKits AND barrels through BlueBarrel’s website. After barrels are purchased, we issue a voucher to the customer and their chosen barrel supplier specifying the number of barrels the customer has paid for. We pay our barrel suppliers promptly for each barrel sold through our program.

How to start the process:

To be considered as an approved barrel supplier, please fill out our Online Barrel Supplier Intake Form.

Once you have submitted the form, BlueBarrel will:

  • ensure that your barrels are compatible with our RainKits
  • verify that your barrels are food-grade and have only contained non-toxic substances

Once BlueBarrel has verified the safety and compatibility of your barrels, we will contact you to confirm the details of your listing with our Barrel Exchange Program and sign an agreement of participation.

Simple? Yes, it is!

To get started, fill out our Online Barrel Supplier Intake Form.