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Get paid to recycle your used drums through our program!

To join our nationwide network of barrel suppliers, please start by filling out our Barrel Supplier Intake Form.


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This page contains information for companies and individuals who have used 55-gallon food-grade poly drums to sell. Most of our participating barrel suppliers are food producers, co-packers, barrel dealers, plastics recyclers, or other manufacturers working with non-toxics. Some are individuals who sell from home.

We pay our participating barrel suppliers for every barrel sold through a FREE listing on our website. 


Blue Plastic Barrels

We take 55-gallon, tight-head, HDPE poly drums.

How our program works:

BlueBarrel specializes in multi-barrel rainwater catchment systems, built from used food-grade poly drums. Our business model is online retail. We ship our DIY RainKits™ to our customers’ doorsteps, and facilitate a local exchange for the barrels (this is where you come in!).

1. Customers purchase RainKits AND barrels through BlueBarrel’s online store. All of our participating barrel suppliers have a FREE, anonymous listing on our website.

2. Customers use our zip-code-based search to find the barrel listings in their region. They make a selection based on general location (we do not post your address publicly); posted pickup hours, and prior barrel contents.

3. Upon checkout, we issue a Barrel Voucher to the customer and their chosen barrel supplier specifying the number of barrels in the order. (Our customers won’t get your contact info until after they complete their purchase and get their Barrel Voucher. We handle all the up-front customer service!)

4. With voucher in hand, customers pick barrels up directly from you, per the terms in your listing. You may list specific business hours, or you can offer pickups by appointment. You may also offer delivery services for a fee (optional). We make it work for you!

5. We pay our barrel suppliers promptly for each barrel sold through our program. You may choose one of our auto-pay plans, or invoice us for payments. We do not require any W-9 forms, 1099s or other tax documents. 


Start the process:

To be considered as an approved barrel supplier, please fill out our Online Barrel Supplier Intake Form.

Once you have submitted the form, BlueBarrel will:

  • ensure that your barrels are compatible with our RainKits
  • verify that your barrels are made of food-grade plastic and have only contained non-toxic substances

Once we have verified the safety and compatibility of your barrels, we will contact you to confirm the details of your listing, and provide you with an agreement of participation.

Simple? Yes, it is!

To get started, fill out our Online Barrel Supplier Intake Form.

We’re still here for you.

This is an intense time on our planet and we are all in this together. At this time, BlueBarrel is still able to serve you at full capacity:


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