Site your System

There are a few things to consider when finding the perfect spot for your BlueBarrel System™. These conditions are ideals, so choose the spot with the best combination of these criteria:


Near a Downspout

Find a spot for your BlueBarrel System™ that’s fairly close to an existing downspout. (Around the corner is fine – the diverter hose is flexible.) BlueBarrel’s standard downspout diverter comes with a 2.5′ inlet hose. If you need to span more distance, that’s no problem, but you will need to order a longer inlet hose, which is available by the foot in our online store (you’ll see it as an option when you customize your system, as part of the menu of optional accessories).


Near or Uphill from your Irrigation Area

Your water level needs to be higher than your irrigation area (even one inch higher is enough!) for your BlueBarrel System™ to service a drip irrigation line by gravity feed.

If you have the option to install your system uphill from your irrigation area, you will get some natural water pressure and you don’t need your system to be so close to your garden. On a flat site, keep your BlueBarrel System™ as close to your irrigation area as possible. You can expect about 20′ of distribution through a drip irrigation line on a flat site, but you can branch off in multiple directions, so imagine a 20′ radius around your BlueBarrel System as your serviceable irrigation area. More details on gravity-fed drip are provided with our Drip Irrigation Connection add-on, available in our online store.

If you can’t meet this condition, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker; you’ll just need a pump to get your water to your garden (or a bucket and a strong body!).


Shady Spot

Full shade is best, but some shade is better than none.  If your only options are in full sun, consider shading your system with a hedge, trellis, fence, or shade cloth.


Level Ground

A BlueBarrel System™ must be installed on a flat surface. Sloped sites can be leveled to accommodate a system.


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