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Self-Employed Customer Service Representative

BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment Systems is seeking to contract one or more part-time customer service reps.

BlueBarrel is an online retailer selling used food-grade barrels and custom-packed rain barrel kits. We serve customers all over the USA with our mail-order kits and accessories. We do not ship barrels, rather we maintain a nationwide network of “participating barrel suppliers” and use an online voucher system to supply food-grade barrels locally to each customer. This unique model for distributing lightly-used barrels locally makes us the greenest rain barrel brand on the market!


Job Structure

Our customer service reps are self-employed, answering calls and emails from the comfort of their own home or office. We port our customer service number to our reps’ cell phones when they are on duty. We use a shared email inbox and online customer service log to manage inquiries.

We offer weekday customer service hours of 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (Pacific Time). Only one rep works at a time, but the job can be split between reps working different days of the week. Days can also be split into two shifts, 7:00 am – noon and noon – 5:00 pm (Pacific Time).

Call volume varies, but a normal day may have 1- 2 incoming phone calls and 3 – 5 email exchanges. 

While customer service reps need to be available to answer inquiries for at least six hours during our 10-hour customer service day (or three hours during a half-day shift)—including the first and last hour of each shift—actual time spent is estimated at 1 – 4 hours per full day, averaging about 2 hours.

This job is ideal for a self-employed person who spends most of the workday in a private office or home office setting, and has capacity to answer calls and emails from BlueBarrel customers throughout the day. This job may also be a fit for somebody looking for side-income, who spends most of the day at home with continuous access to telephone and computer/internet (e.g. retired, homemaker, online student, etc).

Please do not apply for this position if you are not available to work a regular schedule of at least 2 full days (or four half-days) per week. (For example, full days Tuesdays and Thursdays; or Monday – Thursday, morning shift only).   


Job Duties

  • Answer incoming calls and emails
  • Log all customer service communications in our shared GoogleDoc
  • Follow company protocols for tracking communications and flagging/archiving emails
  • Make follow-up calls/emails as scheduled
  • Make daily updates to company email list
  • Provide product information to customers
  • Suggest products and services to meet customer needs
  • Help customers navigate our website and place orders online
  • Take special orders over the phone
  • Research required information using available resources
  • Refer questions to senior staff when necessary
  • Gain increasing knowledge of our product line and rainwater harvesting practices
  • Communicate with our shipping company and barrel vendors as necessary
  • Assist new barrel suppliers with intake process
  • Communicate with other reps as necessary
  • Recognize and alert BlueBarrel of trends in customer inquiries
  • Other duties as assigned


Required Qualifications and Skills

  • Superior listening, verbal, and written communication skills (English language)
  • Proficient in typing
  • Proficient in navigating web applications (company website & admin panel, shared GoogleDocs, etc.)
  • Knowledge of customer service practices and principles
  • Friendly and professional manner
  • Consistent access to your own telephone and quiet workspace for answering calls
  • Laptop or desktop computer with reliable high-speed internet access (some of our web apps are not mobile/tablet friendly)
  • Ability to commit to a regular schedule of at least 2 full days or 4 half-days per week


Desired Areas of Knowledge & Interest

Ideal candidates will have basic knowledge in at least two of the following areas:

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Environmental systems / ecology
  • Sustainable living
  • Gardening / Irrigation
  • Basic plumbing practices
  • General construction practices


Compensation & Training

Self-Employed Customer Service Reps will bill BlueBarrel for a base salary of $25 per day (or $12.50 per half-day), plus a commission on sales that follow from customer interactions. Increases may be offered after 3-month and 6-month evaluations. First 6 months are considered probationary.

Each customer service rep receives a free 2-barrel BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ as a vital part of learning our product line and business model.

Training is provided in an indexed online guide, and continually based on feedback between contractor and company. BlueBarrel’s senior staff are regularly available to our customer service contractors to answer questions. The bulk of the training will be acquired “on the job” in this way.


To Apply

Please review our website at to gain a full understanding of what BlueBarrel offers and how we operate. We are a unique company and our website is our primary customer interface. Customer service reps will be expected to guide customers through the website with ease, and to use it as a resource for answering customer inquiries. Many inquiries can be addressed by reviewing our FAQs, DIY guidelines, and blog postings.

Please do not apply for this position if you are not available to work a regular schedule of at least 2 full days (or four half-days) per week. (For example, full days Tuesdays and Thursdays; or Monday – Thursday, morning shift only).   

To be considered, please send resume and cover letter to 

Position is open until all shifts are filled.