Marketing Affiliate Program


Do you have a BlueBarrel System™ and love it?

Are you a marketer or influencer specializing in gardening, sustainability, self-sufficiency, or emergency preparedness? Do you reach an audience that can benefit from tried-and-true rainwater harvesting products?

Become an affiliate and benefit from BlueBarrel's unmatched brand recognition, customer satisfaction rate, and personalized customer support in the DIY rainwater harvesting space!


Affiliate Program Structure & Commissions

BlueBarrel marketing affiliates are familiar with BlueBarrel's brand, products, and value proposition, most often by being customers themselves. Affiliates receive a unique discount code that is theirs to distribute through their channels of influence.

Sales tagged with an affiliate discount code are calculated toward commissions, paid out quarterly.


Affiliate Program Policies

All BlueBarrel Affiliates are bound by BlueBarrel's standard Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and must sign BlueBarrel's Marketing Affiliate Agreement before receiving a discount code.

BlueBarrel's marketing affiliate program is an invitation-only program. BlueBarrel reviews applications and affiliate-created content for brand alignment, favorable and accurate portrayal of our product line, and compliance with all program terms.

With prior consent from BlueBarrel, affiliates may highlight their own installed BlueBarrel Systems™ and other products purchased at In service to our brand and customers, affiliates may not produce installation/how-to guides. (We've got that covered for our customers, of course!)

BlueBarrel reserves the right to cancel affiliate codes for reasons including but not limited to: lack of use; violation of Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or Affiliate Agreement; and use of messaging that we deem not beneficial to our brand, partners, and users.


Become a BlueBarrel Affiliate

Ready to get started? Fill out our Marketing Affiliate Application today!

Marketing Affiliate Application

Marketing affiliates and influencers may fill out this form to be considered for BlueBarrel's Marketing Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Information

Name of entity seeking to enter Marketing Affiliate Agreement with BlueBarrel, if different from above.

Product Knowledge

If you've ordered from BlueBarrel, please list your order number(s) here.
Upload photos of your installed BlueBarrel System™ or other products you plan to highlight in your channels. Please note affiliates may not display BlueBarrel products in kit/parts form, and may not create installation/how-to guides (we've got that covered!). We are looking for properly installed systems that portray our product line to the standard that our customers expect from us.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 500 MB.

    Channels and Audience

    Please list all marketing channels you intend to use. If applicable, include URLs, handles, and audience size
    Briefly describe your audience, its size, and the nexus between your area of influence and BlueBarrel's line of rainwater harvesting products.

    Additional Information

    Commission Payments(Required)
    Affiliates can change payment methods at any time. If you'd like more information, select "I will decide later."
    Anything else you would like us to know?


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