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All barrels are once-used 55-gallon, tight-head (closed-top) poly drums, made from high quality, food-grade, UV-resistant HDPE plastic.

DIMENSIONS: 35″ height x 23″ diameter; barrel walls are roughly 1/4″ thick. Click here for sample barrel specs. 

We carefully vet all of our participating barrel suppliers to make sure drums are compatible with our DIY RainKits and safe for non-potable rainwater storage. Prior contents are declared in our barrel supplier listings. Barrels sourced through our program are generally rinsed but some residue is normal for used barrels.

PRICING: Individual barrels (unmodified): $40 ea.

Same barrels purchased with RainKit™: $36 ea. Click here to order barrels with RainKit for discounted price.

Pricing does not include a long-term storage fee. As a courtesy to our participating barrel suppliers, please do not order more than two weeks before you plan to pick your barrels up. 

Want just barrels with no rainwater harvesting equipment? Enter desired quantity below to search for barrels in your local region.

To order a complete rainwater catchment system, please return to our online store and select the RainKit with Barrels option. 

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