How much does a BlueBarrel System™ cost?

We use a dynamic pricing structure: the more barrels you include in your BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™, the less you pay per 55-gallon unit. We offer many customizations, so the best way to price out your system(s) is to customize your order in our interactive Online Store. Your pricing details will update as you go.


* Individual barrels (unmodified): $40 ea

* Same barrels purchased with RainKit™: $36 ea

* RainKit™ (regular price): $23 - $70 per barrel unit. (The more barrels in your system, the less you pay per unit.)

NOTE: Listed prices assume one BlueBarrel System per order with the standard 2" x 3" downspout diverter option, at full price. Cost will be less for multiple systems in one order, or with discounts applied. Listed prices include recycled barrels at $36 each. Subtract $36 per barrel for the cost of RainKits™ without barrels. Add shipping and tax where applicable. All prices subject to change.

Pricing Matrix

BlueBarrel Pricing 2024

How does BlueBarrel offer such affordable pricing?

As you can see, the BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ is the most affordable professionally-designed system on the market!

But don't be fooled—in this case cheap doesn't mean compromised quality. With high-quality used barrels made of U.N.-rated food-grade HDPE and our unique underplumbed design, we hear from our customers all the time that the BlueBarrel System is hands-down the most functional rain barrel design they've discovered.

Just how do we keep our prices so low? We work with food producers and industrial recyclers all over the USA to make high quality used barrels available to each customer locally. We ship the rest of the equipment (the RainKit and any accessories you choose) to you in a small box.

In short, we've cut the expense of manufacturing, storing, and shipping bulky barrels completely out of our supply chain. The result is unbeatable pricing, not to mention an eco-friendly process for recycling barrels locally, all over North America.

Click here to start customizing your system, and find recycled barrels near you!


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