Rain Barrels Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the hottest regions for rain barrels in the USA. With a balmy Mediterranean climate, LA residents enjoy often sunny skies, which makes the value of collecting water when it does rain exceptionally high. It’s no surprise Rain Barrels Los Angeles is one of the top rising searches related to rain barrels in the USA.

Why could this be?

Prone to drought, The City of Los Angeles now new buildings to implement stormwater mitigation strategies to retain water onsite rather than letting it wash away to the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles’ LID ordinance became effective in May 2012. The main purpose of this law is to ensure that development and redevelopment projects mitigate runoff in a manner that captures rainwater at its source, while utilizing natural resources.  

Another reason rain barrels are popular in Los Angeles is that most residents qualify for great through the LA Metropolitan Water District’s SoCal WaterSmart Program

“Home-made” systems will not qualify for southern California’s rebate programs, but BlueBarrel provides a great DIY kit that meets all California state code requirements and has been approved by SoCal WaterSmart. So for those who wish to use recycled barrels to build rain barrels in Los Angeles, we’ve got just the answer. (See below for details on getting started with BlueBarrel). 

Rain Barrels Los Angeles

Rain Barrels Los Angeles

How can Los Angeles residents get started? BlueBarrel offers a one-of-a-kind solution for a multi-barrel rainwater catchment system, made from locally-sourced recycled barrels. Double-down on your commitment to the environment by conserving water using recycled materials. Our unique system design meets all necessary code standards and will qualify you for available rebates.

Start at BlueBarrelSystems.com and use our sizing and siting tools to plan out your multi-barrel system. Then enter our Online Store and follow the prompts to find your nearest source of recycled barrels (we have participating barrel suppliers throughout southern California, including Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, and up the Central Coast). Our interactive online store will also walk you through a few simple steps to customize a “RainKit” with all the parts for building your multi-barrel rain collection system.

Our design meets California state code standards for a non-permitted rainwater catchment system. That’s right – no permits required – and remember, our professional multi-barrel system design will qualify eligible households for rebates through SoCal WaterSmart.


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Rain barrels Los Angeles.