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To sell used barrels through BlueBarrel's participating barrel supplier program, please start by filling out our Barrel Supplier Intake Form. And keep reading to learn more!

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We take used or reconditioned tight-head 55-gallon poly drums with previous non-toxic contents.



Barrel sellers, recyclers, food and cosmetic producers, or individuals who want to turn their used barrels into income.



All over the USA! 



Could be today! Our onboarding process is quick and painless.



Doesn’t matter! Whether you have thousands, or just a few at a time, we work with barrel suppliers of all sizes.


You get a FREE and anonymous listing on our website. When a customer in your region orders barrels, they get a pick-up voucher, and you get paid by us.

We handle the customer service, and customers pick up during your posted hours. (Don't keep regular hours? No worries! You can offer pickups by appointment.)

Our system tracks inventory, so you won't get orders you can't fulfill.


So many good reasons:

  • To keep used barrels out of the waste stream and put them to a sustainable use in your community.


  • So you can make money selling used barrels. No cost to participate, just another revenue stream.


  • Because it's so easy! Minimal admin and no 1099s.


  • Because we're awesome to work with! Sit back and let us do the work of advertising, sales, and customer service. We love working with our participating barrel suppliers all over the country. We'll keep it easy for you—we promise!


Fill out our simple Barrel Supplier Intake Form to get started. This gives us the information we need to make sure your barrels are safe and compatible. Once we receive your form, we will review it quickly and get back to you.

Working with BlueBarrel is awesome...

...but don't take our word for it!

Here is what our Participating Barrel Suppliers have to say:

barrel supplier man

"I have been a BlueBarrel barrel supplier since 2012 and I am very pleased. Working with BlueBarrel has been easy. I'm moving more drums than I would otherwise, and their payments arrive like clockwork."

- Clyde | home-based barrel seller | California

"We have been working with BlueBarrel since 2016. Working with them has been very beneficial for us since we use a lot of barrels in our industry. Coordinating with customers is very easy and the staff are great at communicating with us. This is a great way to recycle barrels."

- Mike | General Manager, food production facility | Florida


"BlueBarrel is a great company to work with. Payments are always on time and the process of providing barrels to their customers is easy with the documentation they provide for each sale. 

'Tank' You So Much!"

- Phil & Danielle | container reconditioning facility | Arizona

We’ve got news!*

We just moved to a bigger warehouse and we are still working through a large backlog of orders from the move. If you choose to place an order at this time, please understand we are still expecting delays of a week or more on top of normal ship times.

*This move will not impact barrel sales! You can still pick up your barrels locally with purchase voucher—no interruptions. 


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