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"I absolutely love my BlueBarrel System! For years I tinkered with homemade rain catchment systems and was never satisfied with anything I put together. I learned things, but it wasn't enough to standardize. Your system is carefully thought-out and it eliminates most of the complaints I had with my homemade systems. So glad I found you!" 

- Anton, Castaic, CA

"The BlueBarrel process and system was an easy and stress-free experience. The barrels look great. It rained a few days after I installed them and filled both up!  I highly recommend working with this organization."

- John, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you for offering this service. I've been hunting for rain barrels since I bought my home and they have been some combination of tiny, expensive, and unavailable. I almost cried when I finally found you!

- Anna, Wixom, MI


BlueBarrel is your one-stop-shop for DIY rainwater catchment systems made from recycled barrels + gravity-fed irrigation. We’re tried and true, and we’re here for you!

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