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BlueBarrel Customer Reviews

"The BlueBarrel process and system was an easy and stress-free experience. The barrels look great. It rained a few days after I installed them and filled both up!  I highly recommend working with this organization."

- John, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you for offering this service. I've been hunting for rain barrels since I bought my home and they have been some combination of tiny, expensive, and unavailable. I almost cried when I finally found you!

- Anna, Wixom, MI

"I want to commend you on your How-To video series. I've watched many home project videos and yours is head and shoulders above most on YouTube. Jesse is precise, well spoken, and easy to understand. As a plumbing professional I thought I'd watch your videos and then improve upon the design. After watching, I can't say I'll do this any other way then following your instructions." 

- Robert, San Luis Obispo, CA

For more photos, check out our online photo gallery. Ready to get started? You can size and site your own BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ by following the steps on our home page, or head straight into our Online Store to customize your system and find recycled barrels near you. Be sure to contact us if we can help you along the way!

BlueBarrel On the Map: Our Customers' Impact

A map is the best way to show the collective impact of rainwater harvesting. Here we show approximate customer locations. (To respect privacy we don't show specific parcels.)

Zoom in, and scroll over the pins to see what is installed at each location. Get inspired by your neighbors; or be the first in your region!

We’re still here for you.

We are with you on the roller coaster that is the ’20s! BlueBarrel is still here for you and able to serve you at full capacity:


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