BlueBarrel Video Gallery

Welcome to the BlueBarrel Video Gallery! Everyone can harvest rainwater and BlueBarrel can help you do it. Browse our playlists to learn about the BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ from top-to-bottom. Don’t miss our series on Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation, for a completely sustainable rooftop-to-garden watering solution!


Playlist 1: Meet BlueBarrel – Introductions and System Demos

Learn all about BlueBarrel and our upcycled, DIY rainwater harvesting solution with company founder, Jesse Savou. This playlist shows live system demos, and how to customize your own setup on BlueBarrel’s website. Jesse has been harvesting rainwater since 2010 and founded BlueBarrel in 2012 to help others do the same, all over the USA!

NOTE: Some of these intros are from our early days, and some are California-focused. We do serve customers all over North America, and these short videos will give you a great introduction no matter where you are.

Playlist 2: How a BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ Works

Just how does a downspout diverter work? How do you keep all those barrels filling all at once, and what happens with system overflow? This playlist demystifies these basics and more!

Playlist 3: Popular Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

While BlueBarrel’s DIY RainKit™ will give you everything you need for a basic setup, we have a full menu of accessories to help you customize your system. Here we highlight a few of the most popular ones.

Playlist 4: Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation

So you’ve got a rainwater catchment system…. now what? Learn how to get that precious stored water over to your thirsty garden with a gravity-fed drip irrigation system. Once you have the right gear, it’s surprisingly simple!

Playlist 5: Videos by BlueBarrel’s Amazing Customers

Don’t take our word for it! See what our DIY customers have done with their own BlueBarrel Systems. (This content is not produced by BlueBarrel. We love what our customers have done but cannot vouch for the accuracy of all statements in these videos.) Are you a BlueBarrel customer with videos to share? Please send them our way!

Playlist 6: Rainwater University – Webinars & Interviews with Jesse

This playlist features full-length webinars and interviews with BlueBarrel’s founder, Jesse Savou, MA in Ecological Design and ARCSA/ASSE-certified rainwater harvesting professional. Enjoy in-depth presentations and more casual conversations telling BlueBarrel’s story and demonstrating the principles and practices of rainwater harvesting: from environmental benefits to the details of system sizing, siting, and anatomy. Let Jesse teach you everything you need to know to get started!

BlueBarrel’s Complete How-To Video Series

Don’t take our word for it! See what our customers all over the USA have to say:

“I want to commend you on your How-To video series. I’ve watched many home project videos and yours is head and shoulders above most on YouTube. Jesse is precise, well spoken, and easy to understand. As a plumbing professional I thought I’d watch your videos and then improve upon the design. After watching, I can’t say I’ll do this any other way then following your instructions.” 

Robert E. from CA

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