Water Purification & Pumps for Rain Barrels

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Compatible Pumps for the BlueBarrel System™

Use a portable utility pump to pressurize a garden hose directly from the drain valve on your BlueBarrel System. 

Use a sump pump to fill your BlueBarrel System from a sump or french drain. (In addition to—or instead of—collecting from your downspouts using BlueBarrel’s standard downspout diverter.) 

Wayne Portable Utility Pump 0.5 HPWayne Cicdu800 0.5 HP Sump Pump


Personal Drinking Water Purification & Testing

Stored rainwater is not potable without treatment. Whether you are at home, on the trail, or just want to be prepared for emergencies, the ability to treat and drink rainwater can be a life saver (literally). The products featured below can be used to purify water from any source, and test it for suitability to drink. 


Katadyn Hiker Water FilterAquaCera Pioneer SS4 Gravity Water Filtration System
AquaCera LP5 CeraGrav Gravity Water Filtration SystemAquaCera HCP Countertop Water Filtration System
Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose ConnectHandheld TDS Meter with CaseWaterSafe Drinking Water Test - City WaterWaterSafe Drinking Water Test - Well Water

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