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Host one of BlueBarrel’s Hands-On Workshops and get your BlueBarrel System™ installed for FREE! On BlueBarrel workshop day, you provide the facility and we handle the rest. You get to learn the ins-and-outs of your system by participating in the workshop. It’s a fun and engaging way to get your BlueBarrel System™ built!

TESTIMONIAL: We hosted a workshop around the installation of our 12-barrel BlueBarrel System. It was an amazing experience sharing BlueBarrel’s wonderful educational workshop and building something sustainable for our home together. Some old friends and some strangers that became new friends attended our workshop. It was a positive  and fulfilling experience for our whole family.
-Jeanna, Windsor, CA


  • Host sites must be installing a standard BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ between 8 and 12 barrels in size.
  • Host sites must be able to accommodate up to 25 people for an indoor presentation and the outdoor build. The site must have free parking available for participants.
  • Hosts must be willing to open their homes to members of the public who register through BlueBarrel’s website, and help recruit participants through their own networks. (All participants including the host’s recruits must register on BlueBarrel’s website).
  • Host sites must have a Professional Site Assessment (to determine workshop feasibility) and sign BlueBarrel’s Workshop Host Agreement at least 6 weeks in advance of the workshop date (see site assessment details below).
  • Hosts must pay for materials in advance of the workshop, and have the system foundation in place ahead of time (we discuss this in detail in the Site Assessment).


Please note that workshop hosts enter a client agreement with BlueBarrel, and all client relationships begin with a Site Assessment. The fee for an initial Site Assessment is $150.

We will come to your site and help you determine optimal size, placement, and design details of your BlueBarrel System™ based on existing conditions and future plans.

For completely standard installations that don’t require any ground work, workshop hosts pay only for materials and the initial Site Assessment fee. Your installation will be performed by workshop participants under BlueBarrel’s expert instruction. (If your site requires ground work, this must be completed in advance of the workshop and we will discuss additional costs.)

BlueBarrel frequently offers workshops in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (including North Bay, East Bay, and Peninsula), and the Sacramento Area. We can consider workshops in other areas with additional charges to cover travel.



Please fill out our Client Intake Questionnaire.

Please mention at the end of the questionnaire that you would like to consider hosting a Hands-On Installation Workshop. We will contact you to schedule your Site Assessment once we’ve received your completed questionnaire.

You can also contact us to begin the conversation about hosting a workshop at your site!


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